Laparoscopic electrosurgical hooks

Non-stick Laparoscopic electrode hooks with cable

Now available through NHS Supply Chain framework agreement.  A sterile, single use laparoscopic hook with detachable electrosurgical cable.  High quality laparoscopic hook with NEW cable every time.  The cable is detachable from the hook and is fitted with a universal connector – both 4mm and 8mm jack.

Universal cable monopolar

A range of Prima Medical Laparoscopic electrodes which offer faster, cleaner and safer procedures for laparoscopic surgery.  Advanced PTFE coating for reduced eschar buildup and reduced smoke.  Lower power settings achievable.  Insulation testing to meet requirements of EN60601 safety standards.

Non-stick laparoscopic hooks, single-use with detachable cable (a new cable for every case).

LES-104FC – 330mm length L-wire single-use electrode with cable.

LEL-104FC – 450mm length L-wire single-use electrode with cable

Laparoscopic instruments and equipment are available from Eurosurgical, including the Snowden  Pencer EndoCABG range and Diamond-Flex Retractor.

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