Amniocentesis Biopsy needles and CVS Sets

Biopsy needles with Trocar for Amniocentesis and other soft tissue.

Are a world-renown leading company for products designed for Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction treatments.  Eurosurgical are their UK exclusive distributors for CCD Lab (France), Theibaud (France) and Medgyn (USA).  Products for soft tissue biopsy include;

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS sets) needles and guides.   Two echogenic coaxial needles.  Guide needle is equipped with removable stylet.  Ref 1141201

Blache needle with trocar.  Ref 1110800

Amniopic – Amniotic membrane perforator (sterile, single-use) slightly curved with rounded exterior profiled hook to prevent lesion of surrounding tissues.  Available on NHS SC FAG000017184 

Ref 020301 50/box      NPC Code FGR966

Amniocentesis Biopsy Needles and Trocar – Needles with sandblasted tips for enhanced echogenicity.  Triple bevel tip (60°) to aid insertion through tissue.  Available in a variety of lengths.

Ref                              Length                    Diameter                   Packaging

ORG07120-2              120mm                 0.7mm (22g)              20/box

ORG07150-2              150mm                    0.7mm (22g)            20/box

ORG07200-2             200mm                    0.7mm (22g)           20/box

ORG09120-2              120mm                    0.9mm (20g)           20/box

ORG09150-2              150mm                    0.9mm (20g)           20/box

ORG09200-2             200mm                   0.9mm (20g)            20/box

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Download Brochure here;  Thiebaud ORGApix cannula and needles