Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction Technology

CCD Medical Devices

Are a world-renown leading company for products designed for Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction treatments.  Eurosurgical are their UK exclusive distributor.  Products include;

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS sets) needles and guides.   Two echogenic coaxial needles.  Guide needle is equipped with removable stylet.  Ref 1141201

Blache needle with trocar.  Ref 1110800

Amniopic – Amniotic membrane perforator (sterile, single-use) slightly curved with rounded exterior profiled hook to prevent lesion of surrounding tissues.  Available on NHS SC FAG000017184 

Ref 16004PO 25/box      NPC Code FGR966

Amniocentesis and cordocentesis – Needles with sandblasted tips for enhanced echogenicity.  Triple bevel tip (60°) to aid insertion through tissue.  Available in a variety of lengths.

Ref                              Length                    Diameter                   Packaging

1140701                       10cm                    0.9mm (20g)             25/box

1110600                       12cm                    0.9mm (20g)             25/box

1119615                         15cm                    0.9mm (20g)             25/box

7004936                       18cm                    0.9mm (20g)            25/box

For more information visit https://www.ccd-international.com/en/