Endobrush and Scrinet

Endometrial smear brushes and Cervical smear brush

Available through NHS Supply Chain Framework

Endobrush® is a diamond shaped brush for sampling of endometrial surface cells.  The brush retracts fully in the sheath and is fully covered by a rounded end cap.  Designed for cytology and endometrial sampling.


Atraumatic during passage into the cervix

Protection to the brush and sample to avoid contamination of sample in transport.

Order Ref; 1113000  NPC code FRG971  Diamond shaped brush 20mm   Box / 25


Scrinet® cervical smear brush for cytology of the endocervix or bacteriological sampling.  A cylindrical polyamide swab brush, mounted on a polypropylene handle.  Swabbing of the endocervix to sample cells for smear for cervical cancer screening or testing for bacterial infection.

Order Ref; 1107030  NPC code FRG961  Scrinet 3mm  Box / 50

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