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LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan

LuViva is designed as a follow-up scan after a positive Pap test. Today,approximately 400,000 U.K. women annually are referred to more than 170 colposcopy clinics for a follow-up or colposcopy examination,which often involves a biopsy of the cervix. Based on its clinical trial results,LuViva could eliminate approximately 40% of unnecessary follow-up procedures and could identify serious cervical disease up to 2 years earlier than standard methods.

LuViva scans the cervix with light to identify cancer and pre-cancer painlessly and non-invasively. Guided Therapeutics’ patented biophotonic technology is able to distinguish between normal and diseased tissue by detecting biochemical and morphological changes at the cellular level. Unlike Pap or human papillomavirus (HPV) tests, LuViva does not require laboratory analysis or a tissue sample, and is designed to provide immediate results at the point of care, eliminating costly and painful testing. For more information,visit: