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Light Sources

Eurosurgical Ltd offer various light sources including a range of adaptors to connect to different fiber optic cables. The Fibrolux halogen light source is available in 150w and 250w or alternatively in a LED version. The Fibrolux X100 is a 100w Xenon light source. Xenon light sources can also be supplied in 180w. For a portable battery LED light source we offer the OP-LS5.


The resistant build, all in aluminium extrusion, has a great sturdiness and excellent finish.

The Fibrolux light sources comply with all CE standards, corresponding to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, and are 100% tested for these purposes with approved control equipment.

The Fibrolux light sources are designed to meet the needs of the current office and surgery. They have connection for fiber optic cables for endoscopes and cold light head lamps.

They include 150w lamps which offer a homogeneous and clear illumination with digital gradual regulation and optional filters.

Their electronic control through microprocessor includes software to maintain the correct voltage level and their progressive regulation allows you to control the light according to the required values.

Their air flow system through forced ventilation and building materials of high thermal conduction allow the high interior temperature to be dissipated effectively.