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Gynaecology Forceps

111220L(1)Kurihara Endo Cervical Dissecting Forceps With Satin Finish 250mm Straight.





pozziDisposable sterile plastic forceps Pozzi Palmer.
Length 250 mm  Characteristics: –

– Plastic,
– Sterile,
– Disposable
Length: 250 mm
Packaging: Box of 25 individual pouches 01.130

CheronDisposable sterile plastic forceps Cheron.
Ergonomical forceps thanks to its curve.
Class 1. Ethylne oxide sterilization
Packaging: Box of 25 individual pouches
Use: The clip Cheron, or Sponge-holding forceps, is a curved forceps to disinfect the cervix, before examination, and can be used more generally for wound care. 01.150

Pozzi and Cheron forceps are also available in metal (sterile/disposable)