Cryotherapy Tips

The MedGyn Cryotherapy Tips are safe, interchangeable, and autoclaveable. The tips are made from a conductive gold alloy, resulting in very rapid freeze and defrost capabilities.

Additional Product Information

The MedGyn Cryotherapy Tips are designed to allow for change-out without the need to shut off gas flow, reducing risk of a blown “O” ring.

019002/0219 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0219 Micro, 2mm Diameter
019002/0507 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0507 Skin Lesion, 5mm 45° angle
019002/0519 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0519 Endocervical, Nulliparous
019002/0800 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0800 Endocervical, Round
019002/0811 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0811 Skin Lesion, 8mm 45° angle
019002/0832 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-0832 Ano-Rectal
019002/1900 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-1900 Exocervical, 19mm Flat
019002/1905 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-1905 Exocervical Convex, 19mm
019002/1910 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-1910 Endo/Exocervical Small
019002/2500 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-2500 Exocervical, 25mm Flat
019002/2507 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical, Large