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Models OP-C2 and OP-C5 Two or Five step Galilei magnification respectively.

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards, using the best glass types and coatings, resulting in equipment of great reliability and excellent quality.

Model OP-C2L  combines the best vision with LED technology illumination, achieving a low consumption, long lifespan of the LED and white uniform lighting.

Model AL-106 Digital Video Colposcope has high resolution CCD and fast auto-focusing technology. It is maintenance free and has a cold LED light source. Also this model has real-time display and magnification.

Model AL-106B provides high-definition images and improved viewing of blood vessels,capturing every meticulous detail. Designed for forensic use with the unique image and data management system 010475.

LuViva Point-of-Care, Non-invasive Cervical Disease Detection. LuViva is a fast painless colposcopic scan for the early detection of disease that leads to cervical cancer.