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Optomic Chair for Gynaecology OP-G7

Outstanding adjustment and comfort

  • Compact
  • Functional
  • Ergonomic

The 0P-G7 is a functional examination and treatment chair for Gynaecology and Obstetrics. It is equipped with all necessary features to meet the current demands for flexibility and ergonomics.

Features of OP-G7:

  • UP / DOWN MOVEMENT – Double motorized column
  • BACKREST MOVEMENT – Motorized 110° to 190°
  • PELVIC MOVEMENT – Motorized -10° to +20°
  • LEGREST MOVEMENT  – Manual through gas piston/hydraulic
  • TRENDELENBURG – -10° inclination
  • ELEVATION HEIGHTS – 600mm min – 1.000mm max
  • STAINLESS STEEL BASIN – 325 x 265 x 65mm
  • PAPER HOLDER – 480/490mm 70m roll
  • UPHOLSTERY  – Washable and anti-bacterial plastic
  • CLASS – PVC-Cotton-PE- Fireproof class M2
  • POWER SUPPLY CONNECTION – 110-240v / 50-60w
  • MAXIMUM LOAD – 150kg

Sturdiness and Stability

Mounted on a double telescopic column, which provides a great stability and length range, the OP-G7 chair rests on a quality steel structure which gives it an exceptional sturdiness.

Backrest and seat movement

Two linear motors move both the backrest and the seat, allowing the specialist to achieve the desired position. The pelvic adjustment and the backrest movement are synchronized through an electronic system.

Chair controls

Using the foot control the chair can be moved in every way: up and down, the backrest backwards and forwards, and pelvic adjustment. It has six direct memories and Trendelenburg position. All these move­ments can also be activated through a remote control (optional).


Manual movement helped by gas pistons turns the gynaecological chair into an obstetric table.

Leg supports

Completely built in stainless steel, the OP-G7 leg supports can be adjusted to any position, and thanks to their system of self-retaining ball and manual anchorage, they hold the patient’s legs firmly. They are padded in flexible polyurethane, very long-lasting and easily washable.


The chair’s upholstery material is synthetic, impermeable, washable and specially treated against bacteria (Sanitized), as well as fire-proof class M2 (NFP 92503). Integrated paper roll holder to spread out the cellulose sheet over the backrest and seat. The base’s plastic trim can be lifted easily to clean under the chair.