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OP 1428+ Camera

Cameras for Endoscopy Series OP-1428+

The OP-1428+ series camera for endoscopy has a processor based on DSP technology, which digitally controls the image, offering a higher performance, a more precise adjustment of the different parameters as well as a superior image quality.

The ALC system (Automatic Light Control) prevents the appearance of areas of over exposure on the screen, and keeps a perfectly illuminated image.

Using the front panel you can control the white balance, automatically or manually, as well as adjust the level of brightness.

The unit has 3 memories for its use with Rigid Endoscopes, Flexible Endoscopes or Microscopes-Colposcopes. Depending on the selected option, the different parameters are readjusted for each use.

The video memory system makes it possible to capture up to four images and visualize them on screen. This feature is controlled through the front panel or by foot pedal.

The model OP-1428+ DV offers the additional feature of digital video output (IEEE 1394-Firewire), enabling a direct connection to the PC, without requiring the use of digital video capturing cards. It is not necessary to install a driver, and the camera can be controlled through Windows Media Maker or similar programs (software not included).