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Siscone catheter





The Siscone® catheter is designed for an outpatient atraumatic exploration of the uterine cavity and its adnexae under ultrasound guidance with instillation of a liquid contrast medium.

The central catheter, malleable with memory of shape, can be shaped prior to use based on the morphology of the uterus, due to a deformable metal stylet included in its structure and that does not come into contact with the catheter.
A translucent cone fitted on a sliding transparent tube is used to seal the cervix and prevent risks of reflux, especially in a large cervix. A movable stopper blocks the sliding tube and cone onto the catheter.

Product code Label Packaging
1222001 Siscone® Box of 10 units

SIS Rudigoz catheter







This catheter has been designed in collaboration with Professor Rudigoz to facilitate ultrasound-guided exploration of the uterine cavity. The injection of a saline solution enhances ultrasound visibility of the uterus and adnexa.

Product code Label Packaging
1402000 SIS Rudigoz Catheter Box of 25 units

Sift syringe







The Sift® syringe can be connected to any injection system fitted with a Luer Lock connector.

It is a useful complement to the Rigister® and the Sliding Rigister® devices by D. Costes.
With the Sift® syringe, the contrast medium can be injected very regularly, without reflux, due to the presence of the screw thread

Product code Label Packaging
1509000 Sift® Syringe Box of 10 units

Bloc Connector







Accessory device with a cone-shaped tip at one end and a Luer lock connector at the other end.
The Bloc Connector is used to connect any device fitted with a Luer tip (syringe, needle, catheter…) to a central vacuum system or to suction tubes.

Product code Label Packaging
1507000 Bloc Connector Box of 25 units








The Rigister® and Sliding Rigister® by D. Costes, for hysterosalpingography and tests with methylene blue, include:

• A tapered and transparent cup with a central cone-shaped cannula, fitted onto a cylindrical handle,
• A lateral catheter attached to the cup to be connected to a vacuum system,
• A central catheter fitted with a tap to inject the contrast medium.

In the Rigister® model, the injection catheter is fixed.
In the Sliding Rigister® by D. Costes, the injection catheter slides inside the cup to facilitate cervical insertion.

Product code Label Packaging
1404035 Sliding Rigister® – 35 mm cup Box of 10 units
1404030 Sliding Rigister® – 30 mm cup Box of 10 units
1404025 Sliding Rigister® – 25 mm cup Box of 10 units
1404020 Sliding Rigister® – 20 mm cup Box of 10 units
1401035 Rigister® – 35 mm cup Box of 10 units
1401030 Rigister® – 30 mm cup Box of 10 units
1401025 Rigister® – 25 mm cup Box of 10 units
1401020 Rigister® – 20 mm cup Box of 10 units