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Prenatal Detection

Chorionic Villus Sampling 





The CVS Set includes 2 coaxial echogenic needles to provide optimum conditions for transabdominal Chorionic Villus Sampling under ultrasound guidance.

• The guide needle is fitted with a removable obturating stylet closely adjusted to the needle’s bevel to avoid tissue coring when perforating the abdomen.

• The fine biopsy needle for sample collection bears 2 green rings on its base for easy identification and handling. After removing the stylet, the fine biopsy needle is easily slid through the guide needle to collect the specimen.

Product code Label Packaging
1141201 Set CVS for Chorionic Villus Sampling Box of 10 units

Blache Needle






The Blache needle for echoguided transabdominal choriocentesis features a short beveled echogenic needle with a lateral window at its tip. It is fitted with a triangular tip trocar for tissue perforation.

  • ⇒ ∅ ext. Needle large model : 18G
  • ⇒ ∅ ext. Needle small model : 19G
Product code Label Packaging
1110800 Blache needle for choriocentesis Large model Box of 10 units
1110700 Blache needle for choriocentesis Small model Box of 10 units

Needle for amniocentesis and cordocentesis










This needle, with echogenic zones before the beveled tip and a self-locking guide wire, is specifically designed for:

• Transabdominal sampling of amniotic fluid.
• Transabdominal sampling of fetal blood in the umbilical cord.

Product code Label Packaging
7004836 Needle for amnio/cordocentesis 180 mm Box of 25 units
1119615 Needle for amnio/cordocentesis 150 mm Box of 25 units
1110600 Needle for amnio/cordocentesis 120 mm Box of 25 units
1140701 Needle for amnio/cordocentesis 100 mm Box of 25 units

ABC System for controlled aspiration







Aspiration system with continuous suction designed for several applications: cytology and histology examinations, senology sampling, amniocentesis, trophoblast biopsy.

The ABC System is a useful complement to Sets CVS, Blache needles and Amniocentesis and Cordocentesis needles.

Product code Label Packaging
1604000 ABC System Box of 10 units