Cavaterm System 3.1 Procedure

Cavaterm™ minimally invasive treatment for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB)

Cavaterm 3.1 is the third-generation endometrial ablation technique featuring an adjustable, flexible silicone balloon and a Central Unit that heats water (saline) and controls the internal pressure during the treatment to correct DUB.

The treatment combines heat and pressure during 10 minutes to irreversibly coagulate the endometrium and underlying myometrium to a depth of 5-8 mm.

Cavaterm 3.1 has built in features to ensure safety, efficiency and comfort for the patient that make Cavaterm unique as the safest and most flexible device on the market for Uterine Bleeding.  Cavaterm is often used where other Endometrial Ablation devices fail, particularly in the treatment of large uterine cavities

The original Cavaterm™ system has been successfully used since 1993. It has proven to be safe, efficient and easy to use. Over the past years further product developments based on users’ feedback were implemented for an optimal evolution of the system.

Many thousands of patients have been treated successfully with the Cavaterm™ system. Clinical studies report average success and satisfaction rates exceeding 90%, which remain stable throughout the years. For more information click this link;


Cavaterm 3.1 instructional video.

This educational video with provide instructions on the set up and operation of the Cavaterm 3.1 systems.  This video is to provide support for practitioners who are versed and trained in the performance of the Cavaterm 3.1 system only.  For more information on Cavaterm, please contact our office via the contact page of this site.