Growing skin by expansion

The use of tissue expanders developed by leading plastic surgeons such as Radovan, Fenton, Cronin back in the early 1970's.  Radovan took the idea from pregnant women, that demonstrated that skin stretches over long periods to accomidate the growing of the child.  If that can be achieved for pregnancy, the same can apply to "grow skin" with the placement of a soft silicone envelope, close to an area of tissue that is damaged.  From that the early tissue expanders were developed using a soft silicone envelope with a silicone tube to a remove one way value port, allowed for slow filling of the balloon or tissue expander by serial injection of saline.  Tissue expanders have the advantage that they can be located close or adjascent to the area of skin that either needs to be covered or needs to be repaired, such as burn or hypertrophic scars and other skin defects.  Over time, tissue expanders have come into and out of fashion, but remain an excellent method and tool in the plastic surgeons armourmentarium.  Today, Eurosurgical are the UK's leading supplier of tissue expanders as we offer ranges from three companies, Silimed, Sebbin and the unique Osmed, self-filling tissue expanders.  We have indept knowledge and experiences of what the most suitable expander could be for all patients concerned.  Take a look at the excellent ranges that are on offer, you would be amazed how far tissue expansion has come in recent years.