Ellevate – A new neck in no time

Ellevate™  (formerly known as iGuide) is a single-use surgical kit used to create a non-surgical Neck Defining Suture - the perfect defined neck angle and jaw line, that removed "double-chins, protruding glands and can even remove obvious neck bands, with  minimally downtime and almost no incisions (tiny puncture wounds only) for a long-lasting result.

The traditional surgical Neck-lift is complex and difficult surgery and is often carried out in conjunction with a Face lift or minimal SMAS lift.  However, lifting and re-positioning the skin of the neck from incisions made behind the ears can result in the skin being “lifted” from each side – Ellevate Neck Defining Suture is a totally different concept – the suture is threaded by means of the ICLED lighted suture rod, from side to side – so that the lift is held in place by the suspension ligaments (mastoid ligaments) behind BOTH ears, creating a more permanent and balanced “lift” effect, with a NEW neck angle that ellevates the more redundant skin.  All this without the incisions made for the face lift.  A fantastic neck in no time!

For more detailed information, a free to watch teaching Webinar from Dr Greg Mueller MD is availalbe to watch from our website;  https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/plastic-surgery/ellevate-2/