Smoke Evacuation System

The Bovie® Smoke Shark™ II system

The best way to combat surgical smoke (plume) health hazard in today’s operating theatre.  Light weight, compact smoke evacuation system that will fit under or along-side any Electrosurgical generator.

Quiet and effective filter system with 3 speed fan control and visible traffic-light filter tracking technology.

A 4-stage Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filtration system that effectively extracts 99.99%  particles, micro-organisms of 0.1-0.2mm in size from your operating theatre environment.

Up to 35 hours of effective filtration and smoke evacuation with one filter.  Expandable carbon filter that captures and stores particles in filter housing.

Ideal for use with Prima Medical SuperVac pencils, available exclusively through Eurosurgical.  Contact our office for more details and arrange a visit from one of our sales specialist.

Use with the SuperVac diathermy pencil and other Smoke Evacuation devices.