Nonstick Monopolar Blade, Needle and Ball Electrodes

Quality non-stick diathermy electrodes.

Prima Medical Teflon coated, non-stick monopolar blade, insulated (shielded) blade, needle point and ball electrodes for all finger-switch diathermy pencils.   A wide range of non-stick monopolar electrodes that fit all standard diathermy pencils with industry standard 2mm ø x 20mm length connection.  Includes non-stick blades, insulated / shielded blades, needle points and balls that are in stock at our warehouse in Guildford.

  • Reduced build-up of cautery eschar.
  • Frustration free – lets you focus on the surgery
  • Focused energy – puts the power where you need it
  • No scratch pads required – controlled power reduces eschar build up
  • Control without compromise

Smoke evacuation pencil

High temperature shielded tip electrodes with a new modified heat resistant PTFE insulation withstands temperatures up to 350ºc.

Shielded tip electrodes offer a great level of safety when working in cavities and areas of restricted view, preventing unwanted and damaging contact with unintended tissues.

Prima Medical are a UK design and research company based in Gloucestershire.  Responsible for many improvements in design of medical electrodes for diathermy generators and surgical smoke extraction.  Visit Prima Medical website for latest news and designs;

Blades – available in 11 styles from 64mm to 200m shaft lengths in both standard and shielded tips of PTFE insulation.

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