MacroSeal Monopolar Tissue Sealing Forceps – with smoke evacuation


Monopolar forceps with finger-switch control and smoke evacuation

A revolutionary change in monopolar diathermy forceps design, bringing 21st century technology to today’s operating theatre. MacroSeal is a single-use monopolar forceps with non-stick tips, hand activation control (no more looking for the foot-pedals, or crawling around the floor whilst the surgeon swops sides) and with smoke evacuation option. Ergonomically designed, this forceps gives all the control to the surgeon and offers the whole operating theatre staff the chance to have a smoke free environment. Just squeeze together the buttons on either side of the forceps and hold – activates the Coagulation of the diathermy. Light weight and ergonomically designed, with non-stick coated tips that reduces the build up eschar on the tips and delivers a high performance and reliable electro-surgical performance.

Research and design for the world’s first monopolar forceps was carried out by leading UK electrosurgery company, Prima Medical from there HQ in Gloucestershire.  For more information on the range of Prima medical devices please visit

Smoke evacuation monopolar forceps

Available with smoke evacuation that fits a standard 22mm suction tubing compatible with most makes of Smoke evacuation systems.

Code Ref Label
PMS8412 MacroSeal™ Tissue sealing forceps
PMS8812 MacroSeal™ Tissue sealing forceps with smoke evacuation

Ceramic Supercut diathermy tips

Non-stick electrode with tungsten wire surrounding a cermanic blades, designed for precise and fast cutting / coag tissue dissection. Ideal for breast, abdominal and chest surgery.

Code Ref Label Packaging
PMS3950 Non-stick blade electrode 50mm lenght, 15mm blade Box of 10