Cotswold Micro-dissection Tungsten Needles

High Quality Design, precision cutting.

Prima Medical has designed an innovative range of micro-dissection tungsten needles for precision diathermy electrosurgery cautery.  Ideal for use in Micro-surgery, neuro, spinal, pediatrics, ENT, Maxillo-facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Cotswold Micro-dissection needles are designed by Prima Medical from their base in Gloucestershire (heart of the Cotswold), with industry standard fitting 2mm x 20mm – for use with all monopolar finger-switch diathermy pencils.

For precise and improved surgical dissection of tissues with control.  Also available is the safer Retract diathermy pencil which is a diathermy monopolar finger-switch fitted with a straight tungsten micro-needle tip, which extends and retracts back inside the finger-switch housing – for maximum protection.  See our Retract page

  • Ultra sharp polished tip for precise soft tissue dissection
  • Tungsten electrode maintains sharpness throughout procedure
  • Highly effective at low power settings
  • Minimum eschar build-up and easy to clean
  • Single-use product
  • Fits all stand diathermy pencils

The excellent Cotswold Micro-Dissection needle range is now available from Eurosurgical exclusively for the UK.  The Cotswold needles offer improved cutting and coagulation performance whilst minimising thermal spread, offering the surgeon a precision tool for exceptional fine surgery.  The tungsten tip remains sharp throughout the procedure and with a melting point of over 3420ºc which will not become blunt even at low power settings.

Cotswold needle with easy hold placement Safety features include the unique finger-grip that allows for easy insertion and removal preventing dangerous needle-stick injuries.

Straight Needles available in 10mm and 20mm tip styles and 10 sizes of shaft lengths from 30mm to 180mm

45º Angled Needles with 5mm and 10mm tips in 30mm to 100mm shaft lengths

90º Angled Needles with 10mm tips in various lengths

Download Cotswold Micro-Dissection Needles Catalogue here

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