An Option For Male Erectile Dysfunction

Advancing age and medical complications tend to limit sexual activity when the need to overcome the difficulty for men to achieve and maintain an adequate erection becomes apparent.
Medical drugs, surgical implants and various devices have been the option for many years.

The choice of using a constriction ring around the base of the penis with or without vacuum applied offers an attractive option over drugs such as Viagra or surgical implants where solid rods are inserted into the two shafts of the penis to maintain a more or less permanent erection.

Vacuum devices are simple to use, create quickly a more normal state of erection suitable for penetration and allows the natural state of flaccidity to return when required.

Our range of constriction Rings and erectile vacuum devices of Pos-T-vac are clearly shown on our website and our online ES Shop. Call us on 01483 456007 if further information is required.

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