2,000,000 Insorb staples

Insorb 1 Over 2,000,000 Insorb staples have now been used world-wide since they were first launched in the USA by Incisive Surgical.  The unique subcuticular resorbable staple for rapid incisional skin closure  was developed by a plastic surgeon, looking for the ideal skin closure device, that would match speed with excellent wound edge eversion and cosmesis.  Insorb has so many excellent features and fans and here in the UK, Eurosurgical have seen excellent growth in the sales of this excellent surgical device.  Unlike the old fashioned metal skin staple, Insorb fires a resorbable horseshoe shaped staple, subcuticularly into the dermis horizontally, not verticle, through the skin, creating an everted skin closure with precission and speed.  

If you have not tried Insorb yet, don’t miss out.  Contact Eurosurgical and arrange for your trial now.  For a detailed video that demonstrates the use, visit Insorb at You Tube Insorb video