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GlucanPro Beta-Glucan Dressings and Creams

Brennen Medical Corp. produce a wide range of wound dressings based around the known healing properties of Oat beat-Glucan. Research has shown beta-Glucan to be an exceptional biological response modifier, which stimulates the macrophage activity and promotes rapid wound healing.

Available in various sizes from two ranges of dressings, as either BGC-Matrix (Beta-Glucan Collagen) mesh or Glucan II (Beta-Glucan) mesh. Ideal dressing for Donor sites, partial thickness wounds and ulcers. Allows for rapid healing without dressing changes for effective and painless treatment.

Glucan II is NON-ANIMAL and does not contain any collagen or animal derivatives.

Size range includes:

  • 13 x 15 cm
  • 13 x 30 cm
  • 25 x 38 cm

GlucanPro Creams

GlucanPro topical burn and wound cream combines oat beta-glucan with a gentle oil-in-water emulsion. GlucanPro creams maybe used in the management of partial thickness burns, facial flash burns and post laser resurfacing. The GlucanPro range helps regenerates dermal therapy, soothing pain and aids healing.

Available in 4 varieties in 85-gram tubes or tubs:

  • Glucanpro 3000 – thick petroleum based ointment
  • Glucanpro 2000 – combined aqueous and petroleum based ointment
  • Glucanpro – aqueous based cream and moisturiser
  • Macropro gel – Aqueous based gel for ulcers and facial flash burns.