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SuperVac Smoke evacuation pencil

Advanced Options for Surgical Diathermy

Slide3 Radio-frequency diathermy has been a vital surgical tool since the 1940’s., essential in the cautery of blood vesels and control of bleeding in all surgical procedures.  However health concerns over the smoke generated by the use of diathermy have resulted in the need to include effective smoke evacuation systems that will remove not only the ordour of burning tissue, but the harmful effects of inhalation of the smoke.  Many of these systems have produced overly large or cumbersome diathermy pencils that are difficult to hold and manipulate, particulrly in small, confined areas.  The operator often wiants to extend the shaft of the diathermy, particularly in plastic and breast surgery, which with other systems requires dismantling the pencil to allow an extension piece to be fitted, thereby slowing the procedure down and taking valuable time, often at a crucial moment of surgery.

Supervac Diathemy pencil with moving finger-switch

is the answer that surgeons have been waiting for.