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Sebbin Tissue Expanders

Sebbin Tissue Expanders for Body

Sebbin tissue expanders are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and port configuration.  These excellent soft silicone smooth tissue expanders are also available with reinforced base or non-reinforced.

Remote Port

Sebbin expanders are also available with Remote Ports. The Sebbin tissue expanders with remote ports, 3 port options are available as part of the Tissue Expander kit. The three ports are located in the sterilize portion of the box and are also sterile. They consist of a large port, a small port and an external port. The surgeon may choose which port is appropriate for the surgery at the time of placing the tissue expander. The ports are available with an easy to fix tubing kit. This flexibility allows for better selection of tissue expander and port for each surgical case.

Tissue Expander Design

All Sebbin tissue expanders are made of a strong but soft silicone elastimer shell, with a stable base. The base is made stable by an additional layer of silicone elastimer secured within the base of the expander. In so doing, no external edges or knuckles are present and the expander is free from causing un-due stress to the overlaying tissues whilst the expansion process is carried out.

Tissue Expander Range

The Sebbin range is very extensive ( see download below)

Body Tissue Expanders

Sebbin offer body tissue expanders with remote ports in the following styles:

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Crescent
  • Longitudinal Curve
  • Small Spherical
  • Kidney shaped

A wide range of sizes are available in the above styles and a full list can be downloaded here: