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Sebbin Calf Implants

Sebbin Calf Implants

Sebbin  calf implants are designed by plastic surgeons. They are made of a low-bleed silicone elastomer envelope filled with a biodesign high performance silicone gel, able to reproduce the soft tissues of the area intended. The Calf implants are intended to correct the unevenness or irregularities of the calf, such as sequel of polio, congenital malformations, neurological diseases, trauma and augmentation. Available in a smooth silicone design with 6 sizes for both lateral and medial correction.

Sub-fascial Calf Augmentation with silicone Calf implants – Professor James D Frame with Mr James McDiarmid

Professor James D Frame conducts a live surgical teaching video (click here) with Silimed silicone Calf Implants. This video (approx 12 minutes) demonstrates the surgical placement and pocket dissection used to place the Silicone Calf implants – in this case the Symetrical Base 10400-070 implants, through a sub-fascial plain. The pocket dissection was facilitated using Raul Gonzales narrow spatula dissector. These instruments are also available from Eurosurgical.

The silicone Calf implant is placed below the aponeurosis of the medial gastrocnemius muscle. A small insertion pouch, made of silicone elastomer, allows for assistance in the insertion of the implant, with blunt instruments to avoid damage to the implant.

Calf Implants

Symetrical Base, is designed to allow several implants to be selected or used to appropriate the desire final appearance.